Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogging for Blogging Sake

I found out my dad was in the hospital today. That's twice in
something like 3 weeks. This time it's worse and better at the same
time. I'm really worried about him. I heard he was in a lot of pain
and that they are giving him morphine.

I really want GTA IV. Really badly. It's a challenge to not buy it
even though I have other games, and no money.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pregnancy, Wow

Well, turns out my old girlfriend Gabrielle is pregnant. She just
found out this weekend, and... the only thing I know how to say is
that I'm very happy for her.. but very sad for me. I remember wanting
to marry her. I remember being absolutely nuts about her. She would
make me smile all the time, we would play games, and.. yeah. And it
was a good time in my life, followed by some not so great times.

Not too long ago I had some really good times again. I can't tell
anymore if they're mostly over or if they are really only just
beginning, but they have been some VERY good times, and I am a better
person for the girl I love now.

But it still kindof wrecks up my heart to see one more ex pregnant and
starting a family with a love she found after ditching me. It makes me
feel quite a bit like dead weight. Like maybe I'm what girls date
before moving on to a better life. It's a pretty solid blow to my self

Anyway, I weary of this subject. Martian Child is a really great
movie, I love every minute of it.

What Dreams May Come is a lousy book. Unless you view it from the
perspective that the characters are in their own personal hell devised
by their inability to wait any length of time, willing to hurt
themselves and anyone around them who cares about them rather than
display the patience to wait, and be comforted by their friends and

I'm going to go... um... I don't know. Do something...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Awesome Day

I got to go to the best Greek restaurant in all of houston today. It
was an amazing treat, but what I liked even more than the food, which
was divine, was the server.. he was wonderful, and funny, and just
great to talk to about the food with.

After that, we went back to my place and played Rock Band for 5 hours
straight, and it was so amazing with four people. I'd write so much
more about today, but, it's late, I'm very very tired. The only thing
I can imagine that would have made this day better is if I'd been able
to share it with my best friend.

Good night, all...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Car Repairs

460$ to get my clutch fixed for the same problem I paid 1500 a year
and a half ago and endured through horrendous pains at the hands of
the hideous Car Car One nazis to get repaired. I am never going to
Domestic Auto Experts again. They have a lot of image, but it's always
been overpriced, I think they do a lot of un-necessary work.

Don't know what I'm doing tonight, may be going to the movies with my
mom or playing rock band, I haven't decided which.

I am so in love with someone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Re: Women

What does it take to make yourself appealing to a woman who has you
totally and completely wrapped around her thumb? Why are women so
starved for attention that they aren't happy without so many men
wrapped around their thumb?

It's maddening and perplexing, I've tried time after time and I can't
do it. How does anyone infatuate someone with a beautiful heart, mind,
and soul, for a lifetime? It's been done before, I've seen it done.
I've tried being mysterious, smart, worldly, erotic, entertaining,
funny, sly, dashing, charming, honest, and all for naught. I always
lose. Always to other guys.

I'm really tired of it. I've wasted too much of my life on girls who
don't return the affection that I give.

I'm seriously starting to think that women are only good for a couple
of weeks of fun, and then you need to get bored of them before they
can get bored of you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Okay, so, I've tried out a few other journal sites, but I'm back here. Nobody read my stuff anywhere else, and really, this should be a personal journey anyway. I'm going to be posting here regularly every day again.

This is actually pretty awesome. I can see the marketing value in it, and EB certainly does have its advantages over Wikipedia. No contested articles from disreputable sources attempting to change entries for unsavory reasons. And some of the features are pretty impressive. And, used as a tool by bloggers with the features mentioned in that article, it could be a powerful tool for spreading information.

I think I'm going to check it out.

Tonight, though, I am really looking forward to going to a satyr meal with my mother to celebrate passover. After that, Keda and I might watch episode 14 of deathnote.
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