Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The SOPA Protest

This thing is pretty wild. I love the joke at the bottom of the website for their SOPA blackout. I'm very impressed, and honestly, I really hope this is enough to help. Between google and wikipedia alone I'd hope there's enough support to really change the tide in congress. Or to put it bluntly, to effectively actually let those pig headed old trogoladytes get a sliver of a perspective of what people are really aware of. Or want. Or whatever revolutionary line about what they need to be aware of to have them not make blatantly bad decisions.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Furniture Installation Complete!

And here it is! It looks good, it feels comfortable, and it fits in my room okay. Chris is making it affordable for me to buy this from him, and so it's all coming together pretty nice. Really beautiful living room set and amazing kitchen table, too.

So last night was pretty crazy busy, moving my old bed to my mom's house, finally, and then moving the bits into my room that I couldn't assemble till I got the last of the pieces from Chris today. Some other busy work and cleaning and taking care of things. It was a really good day. Today, I'm getting laundry done and studying a ton. Will see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, January 06, 2012

What if Dreams are Our Natural Domain....

...and we only wake to gather strength to return?

The river walk at night, while the Christmas lights are up. It feels like a waking dream, I could just stroll around there for forever and listen to the music of people talking and random instruments playing.

New Years Eve was pretty incredible. It was an amazing feeling having everyone at just one party. After a great party, I slept in this room for a bit and listened to music and then went home in the early hours of the morning for some real sleep. Took down the tree and tenderly packed it all away for another season. Listened to music, and watched the new episode of Sherlock, did the dishes, and.. made beef jerky. Yum. It's been a busy week.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

They Share a Fare and Some Friendly Conversation

Do you think that the word reactor was intentionally designed as an anagram for creator? A deliberate and purposeful assignment of a name that reflected the significance of deconstructing the building blocks of the universe?
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