Thursday, December 11, 2003

Hello friends, going to write a couple more segments in a bit. The world is a little bleak for me, but I don't share the views of the character with my name. He's a lot worse of than he sounds in the last bit, believe it or not he was being friendly and professional. I needed to do some research, I've never actually seen most of the drugs I want to talk about, I only saw weed once. Believe it or not I was pissed that a friend brought it into my house. So I've been having to ask around questions that sound really stupid like "what does crystal meth look like", and "how do you take it?" and then more so "what's it look like when you take it like that?" which i had to ask like 5 times for crystal meth since you can take it so many ways. I mean, maybe I'm a dumbass but I don't really have a clue how Coke makes you feel when you inhale it. Oh well.. just some of my thoughts about the list of things I need to know...

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