Monday, March 13, 2006


This weekend was super-awesome and full. On Friday I had my test in class, and that went okay, plus something else, I know something else really important happened on Friday, but I can’t remember what it was. Oh, now I do. I had dinner with my mom at that Lebanese restaurant, which was really interesting. They had a belly dancer, this time, and it wasn’t what I expected belly dancing to be. I thought the hand gestures were really interesting and essential to it. Her smile was REALLY creepy. Like a doll, or something, it was just so frozen and big.

Anywho, so, I did manage to get plans together for a decent sized grill on Saturday, and that went really well. The day started kind of late, I played F.E.A.R. until 3 in the afternoon, which was enough time to beat the game. The whole time I had trouble getting a hold of mom, who promised to bring some stuff for the bbq, but then never called back, she eventually did bring something, but, she brought it too late to use because so much other food was done. It’s okay though. Jackson, Justin, Jake, John, Kevin, Russell, Tim, Mike, Cymeron, and my mom showed up. The food came out really, really well, and a GREAT time was had by all, even more than usual. John’s xbox kept Cymeron happy, and my mom watched Firefly on the TV, and everyone else played various games and just chatted all night. There were smoked hamburgers, awesome jalapeno poppers, and divine baked beans as well as lamb ribs (not nearly as good as the last set). I learned a few new things about the quality of smoke because some of the smoke was acrid because of the way I accidentally smothered the fire initially, I’d heard about it before but always thought, since I never experienced it, that I just wasn’t good enough to taste it. Now that I’ve actually made the mistake I know that I just wasn’t making it before. You can tell, it’s a dark stingy taste; it got into some of the onions.

Jackson got some of us playing trade wars and it ended up being very cool. I think it would be very awesome to play online over OpenRPG. All you’d have to do is scan the board in and the pieces and you could use the map screen to play any board game, this one would be very cool to use like that because of how simple it is. Anyhow, the night went late, then I fell asleep after playing online some and cleaning up. The next day started just as late and all I did was beat Metal Slug Advance, eat lunch at IHOP with my mom, and play RPG with John… met the new player and discussed his character and he will be able to play next game session.

And that takes me up to today… I finally asked for some time off, I may get Thursday and Friday off, and that will be cool, I just don’t want to travel out of town.

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