Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hastily Jotted Notes

Why do people look for the holy grail? Why do they fight and die over it? What is it about belief and meaning that make history so relevant?

Things I used to think were silly I see now with so much clarity, the significance of the ages is so awesome. Why do people care about these things? It's more elusive a question than asking what these things really are.

What is more important than a secret? The importance of the secret.

What is more important than knowing? Understanding.

Does that make the secret insignificant? No, to look for something for a lifetime and find that you were looking at it all wrong, that what you were looking for may exist but that there is a greater importance that is on the other side brings shivers to my core... how valuable is a focus that drives an inquiring mind to destinations untold? Does it matter what the focus is?

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