Friday, September 22, 2006

Angry Letters

I really need to vent here because I know that no one involved will read this. It feels semi private. I'm sick and tired of Tara. I'm tired of her attitude. I'm offended by her view of me, I'm really sick of her not fixing the things her cats have destroyed, and then complaining about minor things when every single post on the stair banister is destroyed.

My satalite chair smells like cat urine. There are dart holes in the wall. About a third of the crap food on the counter was hers. I know the fruit cups weren't Mike's and Marcia would have mentioned them when she mentioned the ramen noodle she was saying I could have.

I'm glad I'm getting out of that house with her because it took every strength of my being to preserve my decency and maintain my self control when her explicative boyfriend Adam called and started yelling at him.

Calm was maintained despite the complete gall and absolute backwards mentality of everything he said. I could go on for just an hour about that. But I did it. I bit my tongue, and I hung up, and I deleted his voicemail without incident. I'm still restraining myself from urges to email her with bitter and resentful words, scathing and representing my feelings.

She is a messy room mate. Her cats are destructive and uncontrolled. And she is a drunk and a pothead.

It really feels very good to have some place to let that out. I saw the way she kept her room, while she was complaining about the rest of the house. Trashed, clothes everywhere, books strewn about, not just her room, but the entire area outside her room, which was completely free of anyone else's influence. Marcia said it's because she didn't have enough space.

Well, let me ask it out loud to myself here, if HALF of a 2 story house, an entire floor, mind you, isn't enough room for JUST YOUR BEDROOM stuff, then how much space is it reasonable for you to live inside of?


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  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Hey David, I'm sorry that things are kind of frustrating right now. I know we haven't talked in awhile, but I wanted to let you know you're still in my prayers and thoughts. I hope everything else is going well. You should email me sometime... I'm a good listener. Oh yeah, and nice pics! ;)


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