Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democrats in Power

I wasn't rooting for the Republicans, in fact, I didn't feel like voting at all this election because I wasn't really a fan of anyone, but I really should have voted third party.

First thing I hear after the elections is that the Democrat majority wants to raise the minimum wage. Wow, I’ve heard this before and I’m glad that bullet has been dodged until now.

It really ticks me off. If the minimum wage is raised, it decreases the value of my job, and the work I do by about half. HALF. It makes it possible for every teenager in the world to buy a stupid PS3 and it doesn’t do a single thing to improve the life of someone who can’t afford his or her living expenses. Their money is going someplace else, 9 times out of 10 I would bet on that. It really takes dedication to get stuck in a minimum wage job for life since there are so many companies that realize the value of paying workers higher.

What minimum wage does do? Inflation… devaluing the jobs of people who do earn higher than minimum wage, increases the cost of doing business in the US making the country as a whole less competitive in the world market. Pissed about companies moving their operations to India? Well raise the minimum wage and just watch how fast they run their operations over there after you increase their costs, because raising minimum wage will increase the cost for every single thing.

It just pisses me off that anyone thinks that forcing companies to pay people more will fix anything.

Give massive tax breaks to small businesses that pay their employees higher salaries, do anything like this. Pay for it by making massive companies actually pay taxes, but lord, just flat out making people pay more to people who don’t deserve it… that is flat out bad news.

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