Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Re: Women

What does it take to make yourself appealing to a woman who has you
totally and completely wrapped around her thumb? Why are women so
starved for attention that they aren't happy without so many men
wrapped around their thumb?

It's maddening and perplexing, I've tried time after time and I can't
do it. How does anyone infatuate someone with a beautiful heart, mind,
and soul, for a lifetime? It's been done before, I've seen it done.
I've tried being mysterious, smart, worldly, erotic, entertaining,
funny, sly, dashing, charming, honest, and all for naught. I always
lose. Always to other guys.

I'm really tired of it. I've wasted too much of my life on girls who
don't return the affection that I give.

I'm seriously starting to think that women are only good for a couple
of weeks of fun, and then you need to get bored of them before they
can get bored of you.

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