Monday, May 05, 2008

Beer and Cooking

I don't really have a lot of time to go into all the details.. but
this weekend.. was rough...

I didn't sleep at all on friday night, and I didn't get much sleep on saturday.

Saw my dad in misery in the hospital.

I witnessed Zac's mom get the most horrible wound I've ever seen on
her shin... I feel so bad for her.

The cooking class that I taught on sunday was a disaster, a real
disaster, filled with all kinds of smaller disasters. I really don't
want to go into it, but I wish I had done much better since it was my
first time. They still want me to teach again, though.

There were 3 good things... The concert was pretty good. I got to
spend a good amount of time hanging out with friends among whom were
Mike and Newman, both of whom I have missed a great deal. And finally,
the beer we brewed on sunday was the most flawlessly executed beer day
we've ever had. We cooled down the wort at a record speed, we mixed it
right, we did the boil perfectly and quickly, with less than a quarter
of a gallon of evaporation loss. We have never so smoothly and
skillfully brewed and fermented a wort, I can only hope that the beer
is good.

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