Friday, October 24, 2008

Like the Fingers of God on the Strings of My Soul

Sometimes I need music,
More than I need air, more than water.
The flesh may die without these things,
But the soul my burn strong.
Music is fuel for the furnace of my soul.

Sometimes I take it for granted,
It can be so easy to forget.
When your soul is already on fire,
Sometimes you can forget to eat.
But when the soul runs dry,
At the times when I feel hollow and empty,
In the midst of moments where your soul feels like it's wasted away,
As if there were no feelings of its own.

That's when I need music.

And apathy,
These forces, they eat at the life inside of me.
They are not feelings, they are the absence of passion and desire,
Indulgence in them feels at first like true emotion,
Each one gives the illusion of substance,
As they fuel your actions,
By burning away at the core of your being,
Their existence taking the space of the things you need.

And then, when they are all gone... nothing left upon which they may feed...

Music is there with every emotion there ever was,
Things that the English language is literally insufficient to describe,
What word is there to describe the feeling where you need to dance,
To describe that you need to dance like you need music?
That you need to cry and dance,
And smile,
And fall down,
And get back up again,
And to hug someone,
And listen to music...

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