Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend, I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but
I have been doing a lot of work at Chefs 2b and at my day job. It has
gotten so that most weeks, now, I work 7 days a week. This week, I
didn't have any work to do on sunday, but I did have one party early
on Saturday. Late saturday evening, I went over to Tim and Jamie's
house for pizza and Rock Band. It was a very calm, very nice evening
that I enjoyed quite a bit.

I got tired earlier than usual, and I went home at 11, instead of at
12 or 1. Maybe I'm getting older. Who knows? I think not, since after
I got home, I was still up till 2 reading and enjoying myself, but it
was while lying down and relaxing with Peppers Amadeus Bond, who did
not seem at all interested in sitting still or relaxing, as he tore up
and terrorized my bedroom.

I had been planning for Sunday all week, though I forgot to do some of
my plans. I forgot that I had planned to have an early dinner with my
father at 5 pm, and I slept all morning and afternoon through it.
After that I went to pick up Zac and his girlfriend Lucy. They were in
town playing orchestra concerts at schools around the houston area. I
wish I weren't working during all of their concert times. C'est la

We ate italian, joined by Matt, Justin, and his wife Cymeron. Was an
enjoyable dinner. Afterward, I took Zac and Lucy to my home and let
her try my home-made wines and ales, and let them both browse my
library of books, and let Zac borrow Invisible Monsters, by Chuck

Then, on monday, I had to go into work an hour early. The early
mornings are not very good for me. I got to work and did the weekend
samples, and then I watched Baby Mama, and Get Smart during work. Both
of these movies were superbly amusing, and I laughed quite a bit,
though I expected both to be sub-par. In the evening I took Zac and
Lucy to a music store which opened just for us and then to our little
tea shop in downtown houston. How I enjoyed the wonderful teas on this
trip, it was quite satisfying and relaxing as always. It is sad that I
cannot visit there more often.

I fell asleep early, though, when I got home, with my contacts in,
leading to an unpleasant awakening and realization that I had not set
my alarm clock. It's life, it happens. We'll see how today goes.

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