Thursday, December 18, 2008

Of Snowmen and Imagination

When I was at the symphony last sunday, they played music along with a
BBC animation called "The Snowman". It was a beautiful piece about a
boy who builds a snowman who comes to life. Before it finally does
come to life in the night, he is watching it constantly, looking out
the window, always his eyes on it like he ever expected it. And it
reminded me of a feeling I've had. The feeling that everything is
alive around me, ready to spring up and move about whenever my eyes
are not constantly upon it.

Laying awake at night, watching the closet with diligence, KNOWING,
not simply believing but knowing that it is ready to come to life, the
shapes of the shadows crouched and ready to roam free. Everything at
the edge of my vision was always moving, dancing about, sneaking away,
stealing away, and quietly returning, the only thing that ever kept
them still was having my eyes upon them. They never moved when I
looked at them, sitting there, silent, guilty.

Watching this video I suddenly had that feeling all over again. The
overwhelming sense that everything was charged with energy and only my
watchful eye forced the whole world to remain still made my whole mind
come alive with ideas and dreams and visions. It was like magic. I'm
glad I wrote this while it was still fresh in my head.

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