Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sand and Strings

It is simply really beautiful outside today. It is hot, but... bearably so. Work with the door open and feel the breeze weather still. Working my way up to work with the door close and the A/C cranked up to high, and still have sweat on my skin hot that July and August are known for.

Kayla got really sick last night, and going to concerts by myself is no fun so I skipped the Coheed and Cambria concert. It was really a choice between going alone to a concert and listening to music while feeling that familiar sense of being alone in a crowd and listening to pandora at home. The music was less live, but no less fun because it was in the company of a good friend to chat with online. Miss Peabody was around and working on photoshop homework for a class, and we shared music. I got to see some of her work, and the progress and it was really great to see. Made me remember how fun photoshop is to goof around in. She even touched up one of my sunrise photos.

So much has been happening lately, I'm really just going to have to pass on updating about it. I'm looking forward to a good weekend. Today has been a lot of hard work, I had 20 railcars to sample and test, but they let are letting me go at 7pm with whatever I have gotten done, and I think I can finish up the better part of it.

George and Stacey bought me a gas/charcoal grill/smoker as a housewarming present, and I'll be picking it up on friday morning and assembling it! It is incredible, and I can't wait for the next time they make it through town for me to cook for them on it, for now, though, it will probably get used first to make some food for Mike when he is in town. I am planning on making some of my ribs with strawberry bbq sauce that are so delicious.

The days are counting down fast to Louisianime 3, going to be a busy busy week for me next week. Working double shifts to get friday off, studying for the panels I'm going to run... 2 tea panels, 2 origami panels. Hope I can really improve the flow of the tea panels so that I can heat the water myself with tools we have available in order to keep from serving tea that is tainted by coffee like we did last year, and is really damaging to the lighter teas.

Anywho... signing off. May post more later. May share music. May draw something tonight. No telling. Been energetic lately.

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  1. As I said and always think that it is wonderful to know that you are productively and actively doing well with whatever projects you're working on. *smiles a big big smile*

    I didn't know that you shared your skill and knowledge on tea and origami at the comicon. It reminded me of college exhibition where I practised how to put on kimono wiith my Japanese teacher and showed it to people, our class also made Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) for sale, another classmate showed her tea ceremony skilll (learned while she went there since high school). It's fun.

    P.S. : it's funny to see 'ahump' as word verification code down here. :-P


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