Tuesday, February 28, 2012

H+ Compliant.

I really need to post here more often. It's just shameful how much has happened that I have not talked about. Over a week ago Jackson and Marcia got married, and it was a beautiful ceremony, and a wonderful reception, and a truly important moment for a lot of people that I think of as my family. A week before that was the bachelor party. I really can't wait to show some pictures from the event. Mike gave a speech that was just downright touching and moving, and also funny and entertaining on all the right notes. And it was great to have him in town for a week, again. Justin and I also gave speeches, but by far Mike's was the best.

The bachelor party was pretty awesome. Justin rented a beach house down in galveston, and the view and interior were amazing. We went out for some food and spent some time in a bar and then we came back and talked and drank and ate all night long. Some of us were up till 8 am. It's good to be able to connect like that with people who have moved a long way away still.

In other news, I have finally moved on into the modern age with an Android phone.. I am using the Samsung Transform Ultra. It's good to be back on a Samsung phone, the last 3 phones that I really truly loved were sliding Samsung phones. They really know how to do this right on a budget phone. The Samsung Messager Touch was the best non smart phone I ever had, and it was wonderful for absolutely all of my needs. Even a bad android, though, eclipses it in almost every single way. Games, applications, GPS, maps in general, real multi functionality that has the versatility of any application imaginable. It's been around for a while, so there is already a lot out there, but even if what I need doesn't exist, it could. And that is just crazy cool.

On top of everything else, Amazon gives away a paid app for free every day, and some of those are incredibly cool. I really wish I'd been able to hop on board back when the Ultimate Guitar App had been free.

Anywho, quick photodump. Mostly puppy and kitty and me, and just something from valentine's day. It was a good valentines day when I got around to celebrating it...

"Maybe mush isn't all bad. You can keep stomping on it, but it's all give, it just stays mush. You can't build it up, but you can't break it down either. In a funny way, mush kindof has the edge."


Dance, fucker, dance.

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