Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Pretend I Didn't Tear Your World Apart

Wow, a great day today. BBQ in Nac! Then, long drive home, long drive to work, but I finished up quick. Got home in time for a nap, and after my nap my new lawnmower got here. I put it together and I did the front lawn, mowed and edged and trimmed. I finished exactly as it got dark. THe new mower feels like I'm vacuuming my lawn, and it is just ridiculously surreal.

My apricot tree is budding, and it is just so beautiful and full of life. Normally my metaphor for God is the ocean, but I can see a spark of divinity in the genesis of new life. Flowers, new green leaves, and sunshine. If I stare too long it becomes blinding in all its beauty.

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By bentsea at 2011-09-13

An old drawing I did, it sort of applies to how I feel today. After taking care of the front yard and sweeping the walks and the drive, Steve and Andrew showed up. We played Carcassonne. A great game by any measure. It was a lot of fun.

Anywho, so, great day today. Time for sleep.

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