Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Kings died, kingdoms fell.

"I don't regret the kingdoms - what sense in borders and nations and patriotism? But I miss the kings." - Maude

Really busy weekend. Painting, and having family over, and seeing Zac's mom. Got that back room all fixed up and re-painted with a little help. Lots of elbow grease and perspiration and it looks quite nice. Will have the new curtains up some time this week, soon as I get the right colors picked out. Going to put up curtains in my room too, to keep the sunlight out while I'm trying to sleep. The day star is my mortal enemy.

In other news, attempts to create an MMORPG equivalent to "Ladies Night", extra quotations around the "Ladies", are right around the corner. I, personally, predict rampant transgender roleplaying, far more so than usual. And, given the obvious intelligence and talent it takes to make a game of any caliber, I wonder how deliberate this is. Is it deliberate social engineering to assault gender identity at large? Possibly. Unlikely. Only time will tell, but if it's a crappy game, I'm not even sure anyone will give two shits if women get to play it for less money. I mean, if it's a bad game, paying less money to play it is like getting paid less money for an airplane ticket nowadays. Sure, it's cheaper for something that has a "value", but you're still paying for the privilege to have the lowest common denominator of security staff expose and observe and possibly fondle your junk in what is indistinguishable from a cattle line. So your guess is as good as mine who comes out the "winner" in that situation. Hint, it's still probably the person who paid less for that privilege.

My recommendation, just don't flirt with anyone while you play that game. No matter who you are and which way you swing. There's no winner when you don't know what you're grinding on or what is grinding against you.

More likely than not, this is just the misguided attempt to be more gender friendly in games, along with a lot of other justifications. You can't really work on something that long without thinking about it from multiple angles and justifications. But that's probably where it started. It works in bars, I suppose, but are bar settings really the direction that MMO's want to go? Even if you did, though, alcohol is a huge motivator there. And real sex. Or maybe it's a sort of genuine attempt at real gender outreach, but if it is, it's still really alienating to everyone involved, and in a community that is known for shirking the rules through fraud, gender neutrality and multi gender communities are not likely to be forthcoming, just lots and lots and lots of lonely guys pretending to be women for a discount. Trying to think of ways to hit on each other.

Posting from work today:

Light painting chronicle:

"Vice, Virtue. It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of
too much *life.* Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then
you're bound to live life fully." - Maude

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