Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Some pictures from my excellent weekend. It's occurred to me recently how purely intimate holding hands is. I hug my friends, I kiss my parents on the cheek, but as far as public affection goes, I don't think it gets much more intimate than the prolonged contact of holding hands. It's a gesture that is at once so simple and also complex. It spreads warmth and care and thoughtfulness. Even offhandedly it shows that you are thinking about someone, whether you are looking at them, or speaking to them, or not.

Made gnocchi this weekend, and hamburgers. Studied and went to a nursery. Had monday off and got free screener passes to The Avengers for monday. Watched some anime with a friend, and made some guitar picks. Shadowrun got funded. I installed curtains in my bedroom, and got a new picture to hang on my wall. We kegged a beer on friday, and enjoyed its bounty. It has been a really, really good weekend. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as me.

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