Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everything is Music

Today has been a really relaxing and beautiful day so far. I've enjoyed doing quite a bit of reading this morning. I'm almost done with the third Sword of Truth book, and I've also gotten pretty far through A Clash of Kings. I'm a little over halfway through the story, and so far I am loving it. Also, last night I went and read through the last 4 issues of The Walking Dead that I was behind on.

I've kindof slowed down on reading The Sandman, the second graphic novel just isn't as involving to me as the first was, it hasn't managed to make me feel invested in the characters. That may be my problem and not the book's though.

This weekend I ate at the Brick House with my parents, I like it, but last week I got to try out a new bar called The Hay Merchant. I liked it immensely and I'd like to introduce my parents to it, I think they would enjoy it a lot. The beer and food were excellent and they had reasonable prices, too.

This week I feel like doing some cooking, though I don't know what to cook, yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them, just post them in my comments below. I am planning on stopping by the grocery store on the way home. While I'm there, maybe something will pop out at me that I will be impressed with.

Anyway, I have some cool new projects that I've started on, looking forward to actually showing them off  when they reach a state of more maturity.

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