Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Raise Your Jolly Roger in the Name of Inevitability

So, Cambodia, which does not have an extradition treaty with Sweden, and certainly has no problem letting your average fugitive run free, generally for more horrendous crimes than making it slightly easier to find and download copyrighted music and videos, has detained the co-founder of The Pirate Bay. They don't even have a law that on its face allows them to detain and extradite a fugitive from Sweden, but they are working very hard to find one under which they can do it anyway.

This smells. This really stinks of a deal poisoned with money.

I'm not worried though. This isn't even an issue of right and wrong. This is an issue of inevitability and reality. These industries in their death are trying to hold back a flood with their hands rather than learning to swim. Some people will go to jail, but it's a losing battle.

You cannot fight piracy by trying to lock down your data. It is impossible, the very act of making your data available to anyone breaks this. People are generally willing to pay for service. I recommend that they start fighting piracy by making a product that competes with it instead of one that is inferior to it.

I buy my games from steam because even though they can track what I've done they provide the amazing service of maintaining my library and making my games available to me whenever and wherever I go along with more and more cloud saves. In contrast, 10 years ago, every single game I purchased I had to find a cd crack for in order to keep from having to root around through my CDs or dvds to get to whatever games I felt like playing that day.

The future is here. Sink or swim.

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