Monday, January 07, 2013


I think if steam really followed through on producing a console that delivered a significant number of games and made their experience truly cross platform between their hardware and linux and windows and mac so that if you bought a game once you could play it on any machine that the code supported playing it on and that you own... I do not say this lightly, but I literally see the winner of the console wars for all time.. and it's basically a PC.

I generally feel that in order for a technology to die it needs to be completely replaced and have every single function it provides be eclipsed by a superior device. In short, the new thing needs to do everything the old thing did, but better, and then do some more. People have said for years that console gaming would kill PC gaming. But this was always erroneous and short sighted. A console could never fill the function of what a PC represents.

Consoles wont die. I mean, the function of having a standard set of hardware that lasts for a generation is what a console is. A Steam box will still be a console, but it will bring everything to the console space that corner of the market can handle that none of the other hardware manufacturers have been able to do. It's been DISGUSTING watching them flounder around and take advantage of a market that doesn't know what it's missing or that can't get it's style of fix from a competitor that offers it better.

Those days look like they are nearly at an end for now.

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