Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Been Too Long

First off, I want to share something beautiful I found:

I love those things. I could never get tired of how beautiful they are. The combination of music and the accelerated revelation of the product of hours of work and care is just really amazing.

I watched OZ: The Great and Powerful this week, and I liked it a lot. I felt it had a lot more potential than it took advantage of, and there were a few really thin parts, but overall the film was very solid and creative. Definitely go see it if you have fond memories of Wizard of Oz.

I got a new job last week, and I'll be starting on monday. That's cool. Also, Habitat for Humanity feels I'm worth putting on stage as an M.C. for one of their fundraising events. I guess they were desperate enough to just grab any old homeless person off the street... well, as long as they had a suit to wear for the event. So, no actual homeless people. Unless there are some very well dressed ones out there.

It's late and I am tired. I will post more tomorrow, hope all is well with the world, I'll see you folks later.

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