Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why We Can't Trust Anyone

Well, it appears you just can't leave your doors open online. I left captcha off of my comment forms for as long as I could, but I haven't had a real comment in almost a year, at least not directly on my site, and I certainly haven't had a fraction as many as I have spam comments lately. It's not worth the trouble, I'm constantly being emailed now having to read how my useless blog is "Exactly the type of information" some robot is looking for and how much they appreciate my contributions and wont I please visit their porn site, etc.

I am strongly considering turning off comments entirely, really. I haven't had a real one in so long.


  1. Please visit my porn site. Love, Chuck

  2. Your Blog is worthwhile reading. I have read and loved your character assessment, i found it quite profound. Please continue to blog despite these comments left by porno sites.


    An African Fan


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