Thursday, November 13, 2003

Michael leaned heavily onto the catwalk handrail, as his eyes wandered aimlessly over the internal contents of the facility. His brain simply couldn't decide what to soak in first, the dizzying height of the walk over the floor so far bellow or the machines and fans that still loomed so much higher above. It made him feel small. It made his world feel inconsistant, he could hear the plant running from a half a mile away, but here in it's heart with plugs in his ears there was only a sort of quite but dull roar that he felt in his body. He started as a hand touched him on his shoulder. When he turned around his guide motioned that it was time to move on.

The guide walked down toward a T in the catwalk and pointed at the far end of the split that went to the right to indicate that they were going to turn in that direction. Michael understood and his feet followed but he couldn't take his eyes off of the fans twirling overhead. Each blade he guessed was maybe sixty feet long. Each fan was massive as it spun overhead twirling with purpose and speed. The whole building was filled with activity but most of the machinery were inside of housings and the movement came from the people. The fans were simply godlike he thought as they made the turn and headed across teh plank to move towards the wall closest to the path that linked to the rest of the campus.

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