Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ha! Twice a night!

So, it's late. I know. What do I do right before bed? I wander down lists in my mind and try to imagine anything I've forgotten. And so, tonight, I had something cool.

I love adagio. It's really an impressive company, I find myself in the beginning of a long time love affair with their teas, I've found other places that intrigue me, but none that really cater to me and my palate quite so deliciously(You like that adjective?). I was showing off some of my teas to my grandma last weekend when I was up visiting family for post christmas cheer, having missed the holidays due to obligations. As it happens, that while doing so, I noticed that there was a web address right there on my tins, and one that was NOT for adagio!!!

My mind began to wonder, is adagio a subsidiary of another company? What IS teachef?

Not having immediate access to the internets, I let it slip my mind. Of course, making tea every day, several times a day, I noticed it on and off again, always at inconvenient times. So odd... so... incongruent.

Until tonight. Sitting here, only moments before sleep, it occurred to me that I should follow up this raging incongruity. Lo and behold! I fell instantly in love:

"TeaChef is a community of people who are passionate about two things: cooking and tea. Or, more specifically, cooking with tea."

Be still my beating, lusting, passionate heart!!! I have heard of cooking with tea before, the idea has always intrigued me, and I have even looked longingly at my teas as I thought of meats that I had not at my immediate disposal. I instantly applied for the sample of this months tea. My mind is already simply smoldering with ideas that rage through my burning sleepless eyes.

So help me... I hope that I am chosen. It would be a thrill to have friends over and test out recipes taking advantage of this exquisite opportunity. To be fair, even if I don't get sent a sample, I will procrastinate no more, my next cook off, I will be making something with tea. It is always like an adrenaline shot to the heart when there is such vast potential in the crossing of THREE passions at once!

It would seem at first only 2...

But I count the passion of having large groups gather to partake of quality food for careful consideration.

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