Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm in Love

It's funny, I've said that to two people in a row and their responses were nearly identical:

(1:58:42 PM) Friend 2: Oh yeah? What's it called?
(2:07:40 PM) Friend 1: with what?

So I don't know how to feel about being so transparent that I can declare that I am completely in love and it be known that I am not talking about a human being.

(2:08:51 PM) Me: What do you mean with what? /:) are you saying that I can't love a person?
(2:09:07 PM) Friend 1: no just that u love things

That doesn't make me feel good. Not the bit about being transparent, I'm fine with that, but... that I love things. This is not the first time that I've felt that I use the word love far too loosely, although only in respect to things. I mean, I don't LOVE them... or do I? Do I care about the emotional and physical well being of them? I suppose I have a formula for how much I care about something in my head...

Y=X*n*l, where Y == to how much I care about something, X == to how replaceable it is and the effort required to replace it, n == how intimately acquainted I am with it, and l == how much I like it.

So, represented in percentages... 100% being impossible without ruining the scale, this website/show == 5*80*80, or something like that, I'm not very precise. Sometimes these things are really hard to judge. I'm really curious if that puts it over a starving child in China... It's up there. Is that horrible? I haven't been directly confronted with the choice of saving a starving child in China at the cost of immediately or saving America's Test Kitchen, maybe that's a good thing. But the idea of my loving things... that scares me. Things are replaceable, that should disqualify them, perhaps I attach more feeling to things than the formula says I should?

Oh, yeah, America's Test Kitchen happens to be the site/show in question for today. I absolutely adored this episode that was one this afternoon, and while I was browsing for that episode and its recipes I found this recipe.

Anywho, so, I really think I want to make that second recipe tonight for whoever would like to come over and have some. Just comment here if you'd like to.

Ordered more tea last night. Should be here by Weds or Thurs. I got some chocolate strawberry tea to test and see if it's a good valentines present, if it is, I'm going to give that to my mom.

You know what? I may do the crisp-skin high-roasted chicken tonight instead, depending on which recipe is cheaper to prepare while I'm at the grocery store. If I do the high-roasted chicken, I'm going to use earl grey green to season the butter under the skin.

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  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    would u really tell me if you feel in love with a person?


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