Saturday, July 19, 2008


Even with the lights on the shop felt dark in that way where you know
it's night outside when you can't even see where the nearest window is
in the building. The way the lights seem a little less bright, and
every shadow pushes as deep into circles of the glowing hanging lamps
as you can imagine. Like every minute they protect you less and less
from the shades that cover the world in the absence of the sun.

He pushed her body against the backdoor of the car, her legs
spreading, welcoming him between them in the dark as her skirt pushed
up her thighs, her left leg hooked around his hips. The smell of
grease filled the garage as his fingertips pulled across her bared
thighs. His lips caressed her smile, as she opened wide to accept his
invading tongue as it slid warm and muscular between her lips, licking
at the roof of her mouth as she sucked on it gently, her panties
already damp and feeling constraining about her sex.

Both of his hands rubbed up her body as his hips pressed hard enough
between her spread legs to support her against the body of the car,
her feet locked tight around his ass as both his hands pushed her
shoulders back and her lips away from his kiss before he ripped open
her blouse, exposing her barely covered bre#%!s to the air, pushing
down her bra and leaning in, his lips wrapping tight around her right
nipple, swirling his tongue around it.

Smiling, he closed his teeth around the hard nub of the nipple and
flicked it as fast as he could up and down with his quick tongue
sending electric shivers through her body, her hips forcing themselves
harder against the hard bulge in his jeans. Her fingers pushed through
his hair as she gripped his head and held him close, encouraging every
movement of his lips and tongue. Every single muscle in her body went
taught and ready to go at the grinding of that hard shaft against her
motor, and his fingers knew just how to stroke her.

Delicately, her fingers reached down below his working lips and
between her legs, undoing the restraints covering him, letting out the
bare flesh that she craved against her body as her mouth opened and
moans filled the air, mingling with the smell of sweat and used oil as
she accidentally knocked a wrench to the floor off the top of the car
behind her when she threw her head back.

Nothing was better than a mechanic inside of her... they just always
seemed to know how to rev her engine...

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