Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lost in the Feeling

She found herself leaning further and further into his arms,
forgetting to pay attention to the world around her as his lips moved
against the tiny hairs on the back of her neck, sometimes not even
touching the neck itself, feeling more like a presence behind her. His
right arm completely encompassed her waist, his fingers touching on
her hip and belly. She wondered if he knew the effect of the almost
thoughtless circles his trimmed nails drew on her flesh through her
shirt and jeans were having on her, or if they were as innocent as
they were slow.

It never even occurred to her that she'd looked away from the movie
screen entirely. Both eyes were closed, anyway. His lips made full use
of her fully exposed neck, available completely for the attention of
his lips as she felt his fingertips slide under her shirt, and then
the quick pop of the button on her jeans slipping free. This wasn't
why she was here, she didn't really want this. She didn't have to stop
him just yet, it wasn't as bad as it could be. She hadn't kissed him
yet, there wasn't even anything that she would have to tell her
boyfriend. Those fingers just knew what they were doing too well to
stop them when all they were doing was lightly rubbing her belly.

Just a few more minutes and she would go and get a drink, and that
would be that. Solutions were never any simpler, she thought as she
turned her back to his chest, spreading her legs as his fingers began
to trace the edge of her underwear.

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