Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amazing Friday, Amazing Saturday

Friday was really, really good. I found my mailbox for the very first
time, which was incredibly cool. Then I took care of all my change of
addresses... Drivers License, car note, netflix, etc. After getting
all of that done(Stuff I couldn't do till after I had keys to the
mailbox), I felt really accomplished, but I still went on to cook
dinner, have company over, and finish homework. Played guitar a lot,
learned some riffs from Silverchair's Tomorrow. Not on my list of
amazing songs, but it's good for practicing switching between
strumming chords and playing riffs and notes.

I'm at a point where it's hard for me to find really beautiful songs
that are right at my difficulty level to play well and improve at. I
feel the happiest and most accomplished when I am getting things done,
taking care of responsibilities, etc. Maybe it's from all the years
when I was so stuck in life that it was a rare day that I would get
something really important taken done. This whole project has been
incredibly rewarding, from beginning to end a surprising success.

Robert Schuller once asked, "What would you attempt if you knew you
could not fail?" Every task and decision and adventure must be
undertook with this as a basic assumption. A different approach must
be taken to life that assumes that passion and desire and
determination are the fundamental driving forces of any endeavor. What
is failure? How do you know when it's happened? Robert Schuller's
question seems at once to miss something incredible, while at the same
time highlighting every facet of it. Is he leading everyone who reads
that question so this miraculous destination of understanding this
view of success, failure, motivation and its relationship to ambition?

Saturday actually started pretty lousy. The middle party at Chefs 2b
cancelled, so I was there all day long but only did 2 parties, both of
which were messy and busy and a lot of work, but neither tipped. But,
I got an amazing recipe for lobster bisque, one of my favorite soups
ever. After that, I finished my homework for the weekend, got a test
done and turned in. Then, my dad called and said that they definitely
planned on coming over for dinner. I got to work immediately, produced
a delicious rich shrimp scampy and a side of oven roasted garlic
rosemary potatoes, onions, and red peppers in an hour and a half, just
as they were getting to my house. Shared a wonderful meal and a bottle
of wine with both of them, they brought the wine, and a
congratulations card and told me that they had both gotten raises, and
bonuses, and on top of all of that, that Marry Ellen had even gotten a
promotion. I was so happy for them. We watched Cloudy With a Chance of
Meatballs together and they also brought a lamp that my Aunt Karen
gave me but I had forgotten at their house. I had the perfect place
for it, it's a really cool looking lamp.

I have more work at Chefs 2b today. Maybe it's going to be another
really good day? I'm going to start it off with a movie before work.


  1. I believe that you can do better and accomplish more in work, life and class. :)

    It's great to know that you can rest comfortably enjoying your music and Peppers along your bright life. :)

  2. Oh....Congratulations to you and your parents too. :) What a celebration.


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