Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why so fabulous?

Can you hear that sweet music?

The pictures are somewhat incomplete, as the camera was not broken out until a thin portion of the evening and many who attended the unsubbing of the lair were undocumented. Their anonymity is for their own benefit, and the benefit of their evil works.

The gang is all here, and then some:

There was music:

And there was dancing:

Young Miss Prim was unamused:

Special guest appearance by young Caius:

Noms were provided, but pictures of the actual noms did not do justice. Suffice to say that the chicken ceviche is now on my permanent recipe list, mango salsa is ALWAYS delicious, and shrimp scampi is divine. A Toast to good food:

On tap:

And the back massage fairy was floating around:

Photos provided by Miss Kayla, who happened to be on the wrong(right?) side of the camera at all times.
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