Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Men Must Live to Create, Live to the Point of Tears

Been a wild weekend. It began, as all good things do, with something new and dangerous. In this case it began with the creation of this beautiful sunset red jam which was ready to begin tasting on friday. I consider the very idea of habanero preserves to have perhaps evolved from the desire to weaponize breakfast. Don't let the name fool you, this is one of the most delicious things my kitchen has ever produced, and it produced 3 and 3/4ths 8oz jars of it.

Isn't it beautiful?

Later that night, Zac arrived far ahead of schedule and we spent time at half priced books and eventually got around to playing Carcassonne and watching The Princess Bride, which is one of the most beautiful movies ever made. Zac practiced his music while I cooked dinner, chicken with potatoes and onions. At Chefs 2b on saturday we taught the children to make fettuccine from scratch, and it is surprisingly easy. I think I am going to buy a pasta machine for home and start doing it myself.

Saturday night was more hanging out, half priced books, and long john silvers for dinner. I shopped for smokers, which made me decide that I am going to make the effort to move my old one to the new house. While at half priced books, though, I did find that delightful book sitting underneath the Habanero preserves. I am very enthralled with the recipes inside it and find them incredibly mouthwatering.

Sunday was mostly lazy, playing games with Zac before he left and lounging around reading books and watching movies. Monday, on the other hand, I was wildly busy. Everything from computer work for Chefs 2b to housework at my mom's house, picking up a new CO2 tank for beer, to dancing lessons downtown.

I learned some West Coast Swing and spent an hour and a half practicing at it at the group lesson. Finally settled for a beer at the Newman's at around 10pm, which turned into only a half a beer since something clogged up the line preventing us from pouring our latest brew till we transfer to a different keg and clean out the line of whatever the blockage is. Hung out there for a couple of hours chatting idly. It was a very good day. Even got this picture of one of the many blossoms on the strawberry plants I have at my mom's house still:

These blossoms are always so beautiful. I am going to finally find a way to move my massive planter on thursday after I serve the strawberry shortcake I made the dough for this afternoon after work to my realtor's office to say thank you so much for all the work she did in getting me into my beautiful home.

As for now, it is still a ridiculously beautiful day, and I am going to spend the rest of it outside in some form or other. Ciao, world.

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  1. It's such beautiful strawberry blossom. I envy you that we never have the weather to grow it.

    I truly enjoy reading this post of your beautiful life and want to see you dancing. :D


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