Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, But It's Wednesday

It has been a very long weekend. Saturday was a rough night, Chef Timothy of Chefs 2b lost his puppy after 3 days of serious illness. It was a really good day up until that point, but he was sick and broken up after it. He was even going to try to put together almost 2k to pay for treatment for the puppy even though they did not know what was wrong with him. If there are any blessings in that, it is that Theo Charles Edward passed before the procedures could be done and Timothy is not that deeply in debt. I hope he feels better soon, but he has not gone to work all week.

After helping out at Chefs 2b a little late to make sure everything was okay and that Timothy could be at the vet's office I had dinner with my dad and Marry Ellen, who understood why I was late and it was a pleasant and warm dinner. I really enjoy spending time with them.

I slept pretty much immediately after going home that night.

Sunday was really an excellent day. Shuck came over, he's on spring break and was able to stop by the house for the first time to enjoy some beers and some lunch I made, after that we passed the guitar back and forth and sat out and photosynthesized on the front lawn, the weather was just ridiculously wonderful. Got to hang out for a few hours before he had to take off in the evening. I was shocked that it was already 6pm. Partly due to the time shift this weekend.

I was off work on monday, and spent it working on small projects, mostly staying home. Overall things are good, but sometimes little things can make you feel pretty down for a while. There is a bigger picture, the further back you can look at it from, the smaller everything looks.

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