Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Good Days

Quite a very long weekend I have just had. Plenty of food and company and company. Pretty wild events that I can't really talk about. Sad stuff. Hope my friends get their act together, though. It can be said without doubt, though, that spending time in the Newman's garage with guitars and beer is never bad time spent.

I'm a little tired right now, so it's all going to tumble out in a bit of a jumble. Sunday was a big housecleaning day, scrubbing everything down, vacuuming, put together my lawnmower for the first time, went out and used it. The clover fields around my house were getting a little high. It was a beautiful day and I went over everything and got it all cleaned up. I still need an edger and a trimmer.

Before all that, Shepard spent the night in the guest room on saturday night after lots of heavy drinking in the Newman's garage. It was a long night, lots of talking, lots of strumming guitar, watching shows, and things like that. Before that.. shopping for Moe, my lawn mower. While I was there I looked at lots of really awesome patio sets, planning for the future. These same sets probably wont be available, but the prices will likely be similar, so I can decide when I have enough spare cash to start shopping in earnest.

I started looking at tree prices for a marmalade tree(orange tree to which I plan to graft lemon and kumquat branches), the jam tree(plum tree for the beautiful spring flowers to which I will graft apricot and peach tree branches), and raspberries and blackberries to plant around the whole house. I think next spring will be the best time to start planting trees and replacing the trees and bushes in my yard.

So much to do... so fun to plan and prepare for. It's going to be a great week, and looking forward to a wonderful weekend making dinner for my parents.

And Chasing Amy is an amazing movie. Watched it at work today. Oh, yeah.

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