Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If We Had Forever, Would Never Be Enough

It is a little considered fact that the shadows are blackest where the light shines brightest. Logic then follows that there are darker ills in heaven than fill the deepest pits of hell.

And to think that while dying Cthulhu dreams. Though all the race of man be but a moment, and the men before, and those dread things that came even before that, the drowned god still slumbers. Can you fathom so many dreams, dreams of things before the earth itself was pressed together from shapeless mass drifting through heat and darkness? Do we dream, do you think? Perhaps all dreaming, waking and asleep, are the moments that our minds touch together with not just each other, but with the darkness that sleeps for all time. For we are never any closer to that darkness than when we sleep, or drift away, or let our attention wander away from the here and now, and close things share.

If this be the root, the heart, the start and finish of all dreams together, then the brief pieces we share one at a time across even a lifetime are but an incomplete thought. Were we to stave off death for a thousand years we may catch only a wisp, a breath, a whisper of an idea. Ideas are life and death and even something more, because ideas do not die. Empires have crumbled in the wake of the scratches made by a trembling old hand in its dying moments. Then what horrors will we wake to when we cease to dream?

We sanitize our witches with clean white rooms, and pure white coats, but they embody the same madness. Find what has never been done before, and do that next. Shine the light so bright that all the ills of the world are driven back into the tiniest holes. If they could, they would offer you eternal wakefulness in a pill, and a lifetime of mindfulness, and years innumerable at that. When dreams and death may die through sorcery or science. The means makes little difference to the ends of such things. If dreams are the burden of madness shared...

I felt like writing a little creative fiction. Had fun with several ideas that I've had independently sort of mingle all together at once. Hope everyone enjoys this little soliloquy.

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