Monday, October 04, 2004

I guess this isn't news to anyone, but Mt St. Helen's has gone off again. No where near as impressive as the last time. Of course, last time it went off was one of the all time larger singular events in the history of the world. It literally did what all the nukes in the world might not have done. It blew the top off a mountain.

In other news the X-Prize has finally been won. I was voting for John Carmack, but, since he was too busy with Doom 3, the prize goes to SpaceshipOne. SpaceshipOne made the flight today with a second pilot as opposed to the one who has been flying her. This is the second flight within the qualifying time to achieve space carrying the equivalent weight of 3 human beings. Lord only knows what they packed in there with the pilot that was the weight of 3 human beings, possibly 400 or 450 lbs of skittles. Congradulations to them, and their two pilots who are the first civilians in space.

We grilled this weekend and we had a lan party and watched movies and went to the laugh stop and had a grand old time. Kicked George's pretty little ass at Lords of the Realm III. That's all I have to say about that.

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