Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Woohoo! I got my wonderful Hikarunix distro of knoppix linux live! It came yesterday along with a 64mb thumb drive. I am so very happy, I finally have a thumb drive which now affords me file storage and transfer options that I've never had before. Trouble is that Knoppix(and by extention, Hikarunix) doesnt support nforce2 boards ethernet or sound drivers. They exist for linux users, but because of the small size of Hikarunix, there is no Kernell source files on the distro. So... the lack of a binary for it is a nice little roadblock, as the files to compile what I can get aren't there. I'll get it working eventually, probably tonight in fact, Scott has been helping me and has offered to compile for me and send to me. I have already been enjoying some of the Go tools and I really can't wait to get everything up and running. Oh well, all the more fun to play with it all night again tonight. Looks like another 5 am bedtime for me.

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