Thursday, October 07, 2004

Last night I went to go see Shaun of the Dead with George, Joe, Kayla and Marcia. I found it to be a VERY enjoyable movie. Using both cheesy situations and jokes as well as having no fear to actually have interesting characters die. Some real emotion was in the story here or there and some decent zombie thrills mixed in with the jokes about the genre as a whole.

After that I played a great deal of Leisure Suit Larry, and Crystal Chronicles with Joe. Joe and I got farther than we have EVER gotten before in CC, and it was a ton of fun. But we ultimately lost after putting in 2 and a half hours of work with lots of very time consuming progress and ultimately never reaching a single save point. This is the most disgusting thing that a game has ever done. There should NEVER be a segment so long as even an hour where you cannot save. 30 minutes is too long. 10 minutes is arguably too long, but exceptions can be made for a very select few games. 2 hours is WAY more than 10 minutes. It really pissed me off. But Leisure Suit Larry was amusing. The entire game is centered around mini games though, and not particularly good ones. So you ultimately get left with the feel that the only redeeming value of the whole thing is the humor which is pretty good. I wish they'd made an adventure game though. I would trade one tiny inventory puzzle, etc, for 10 of those stupid mini games. And let me tell you... they have the mini games to spare. Some of the Dance Dance Revolution style puzzles require you to move WAY too fast though, and it gets infuriating.

Cest' la vie.

Tonight, I'll play more of the game.

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