Monday, February 14, 2005

Long weekend, it felt like. Friday was pretty normal, spent friday night lounging around playing Star Contol 2, one of the greatest games ever made. Then, saturday.. I almost stayed home and played it all day long. But as it happened Mike messaged me on yahoo and said he was leaving right then and that he'd meet me at the store.

I could not in good concience let Mike just sit at the store for forever and wait for me while I played SC2, and so, I got up and ran out the door and drove to the store, ariving there a little late, and so my mind was made up for the day. A grilling was imminent. Shrimp Diablo on a bed of angel hair pasta. It was delicious. The recipe called for the shrimp to be devained but not peeled, however, next time I plan on peeling them. When theyre cooked theyre much more appealing and easier to eat if they're peeled. It was the biggest hitch of the evening, everyone said they should have been peeled. It was a fun joke to say that at least it felt like you had to work for your food, so that when you ate them, it was more rewarding.

They were very delicious, and more people showed up than I expected. Mike, Justin, Steve, Zac, Emily, George too. That's a fair number, though there were enough shrimp for more. I never see Justin anymore, and it was good to see Steve too, I havent actually seen him since Chris left. He says he got a one paragraph letter from Chris that didn't say much, except not to send cookies. They're contraband, and he could get in real trouble for it.

I can't believe after all the fun I had, that I even considered just playing SC2 all day.

Sunday night was spent at a Valentine's Banguet at one of Chuck's jobs. Got to see his routine, and eat some VERY exellent Itallian food and deserts. The act was funny, and it was a good evening. Then I got home, and played SC2 till 3 am, which I can't do tonight, because I have school tomorrow.

This morning Chuck got into a bit of an argument with me about the equality of cleaning up. I do my fair share, and he doesn't appreciate it. I feel like a Jackass because I have to broadcast everytime I clean anything or he wont notice it. He leaves the livingroom and the kitchen messy for days and sometimes a full week at a time, and 70% of the time when I'm cooking, I have to clean the kitchen before I can cook and I leave it cleaner than when I started. I don't always remember to do the dishes, but I take out the trash and I clean up the trash from all over the apartment. I'll pick up his stuff and put it in a neat pile in the livingroom sometimes, when I'm having company over. He says he feeds me and my friends. He offers to share his food, and if he feels that I'm not sharing enough food back, then he should stop sharing so that he's not a martyr. I share food with him WHENEVER I cook, or have any. The food I don't share with him? My last box of cereal I told him not to touch under any circumstances. Why? Because the last three boxes of cereal I bought.. I never got to eat a single bowl of because they disapeared in a single night of the munchies after he was smoking dope. Do I ever tell him not to eat my chips? No. My crackers? No. The last two batches of beef jerky that I made he got to eat a significant amount of, between an eith and a quarter. The second batch wasn't even mine to give. And he ate it anyway.

How much did I get from his last batch? Which was more than mine, btw. 1 piece. 1 lousy piece.

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