Wednesday, February 16, 2005

When one contemplates a single grain of sand, what facet of its existence is to be considered first? Perhaps its shape, or maybe the way that it glistens in the light. It may be considered on the grounds of why it is worth considering. Sometimes I do wonder how significant a single grain of sand is in all the history of man. If such a grain of sand may have significance in something as grand as the history of man, perhaps the history of man may prove to be of actual importance to something as grand as the entire universe.

I like cheese.

So anyway... I finished Star Control 2 last night before I went to bed. Around about 2am I was tempted to quit, but I was so close ot the end I decided, what the hell, there's only one fight left. So I spent the next 30 minutes doing it right. At the end I noticed that Silicon Knights did some work on the game. In retrospect, if I'd known that, I wouldn't have been so surprised that Eternal Darkness rocked as hard as it did. I want to see more games with their work, they're awesome story crafters.

Speaking of story crafters, Obsidian Entertainment.... new kids on the block responsible for Knights of the Old Republic 2. Forced out the door early and cut short. However, what is done right, is done REALLY right to say the least. The first half of the game is deep, and the characters are spread out and each have much more interesting motivations and turns and facets. The main character has much more potential for depth than in the first game through conversations about your past. It blows the first game out of the water. The second half of the game.. is condensed into about 2 levels where it pretty much throws away everything you worked for. I mean, it wasn't totally disapointing, it could be called wide open for a sequel, except that isn't the half of it. It's SO wide open for the sequel, it's pretty clearly cut off in the middle of the story.

What they did with a one year development cycle though.. is amazing. It IS large enough to be a full game. And TONS of it IS satisfying. I can only imagine another six months or a year. These people are clearly dynamos with a yearning to be let out. I wish I cared about their next game. Since it's them, and since I like them, I'll give it a try, I think. I didn't like Neverwinter Nights though, and I don't see myself liking the second one.

Going to try a brand new restaurant tonight. Talk about that tomorrow.

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