Wednesday, October 19, 2005

James Brown Rules!

I feel really good today, it’s been nice and sunny. I got to go for a good long drive in my car to school and then straight to work. I’m really happy about the over time I’ve been getting even though it’s been cutting into my life some and making me feel tired. I can live with that, I really can, because my paycheck next week should come with just enough padding to make me not feel like I’m just losing money, like I’m on a downhill roll where I’m spending more than I’m making.

Sometimes it’s too easy to be wrapped up in myself and get frustrated without thinking things through. I often find that I have the power to feel good regardless of the place I’m in among other people. This is an incredible power, but part of it is being able to empathize and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Sometimes I still disagree with them, but often, I find that at least understanding their internal justification allows me not to be mad at them for it, or mad at it for happening.

I was already feeling good today, but it made me feel extra good to read a news post by someone who seems to be able to see both sides too and feel good because of it. I may have to read more Ctrl+Alt+Del from now on. It’s always flown under my radar below other comics that I read regularly, but this news post really got my attention.

I really should list my favorites, just to give off links:
Schlock Mercenary
PvP Online
VG Cats
Sluggy Freelance

And even though I’m a conservative, I still read I Drew This.

Oh yeah, that reminds me; everyone keeps saying that Jack Thompson’s attitude is a greater reflection of the conservatives. This is incredibly inaccurate, take a look at the great anti game crusaders of our times, Joe Lieberman, Hilary Clinton, etc.

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