Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Moving Day

It’s been extra hot today, which is sad after it was so cool and nice last night. I made sure to water my plants before I left, I am really hyped about my pepper plant. Later on tonight I will be moving the last of my things over to the house and then I will be moved, which will be a big accomplishment. Mike is going to be helping me, and I’m going to be borrowing my dad’s truck to do the big and heavy stuff, the love seat, the chairs, the desks, etc.

It could be a fairly long evening. I also need to watch Revolution sometime before I go to bed. I borrowed it yesterday to fix one of my absences. I haven’t had this smooth of a move in a long time, I really feel bad that my other roommates feel like I’m dragging my feet. I’m just being paced, I’ve always been paced, I took 2 months to actually move out of my mom’s house. This is extremely well paced for me to do it in 2 sets of trips over only a few hours. I’d still rather wait for the weekend.

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