Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crazy Weeks

The time leading up to graduation and the few days after has been wild. With a whole group of friends from out of town all making it in at the same time, the last work due for my final class, orientation, grandparents and sister coming into town.

I had a huge bbq the week before last, and then last saturday I had a small one for my family, both times I made babyback ribs with strawberry jalapeno bbq sauce, and whole smoked chickens, and fresh roasted corn. I love it when corn is super cheap. I may get some tonight on my way home to steam in the microwave.

I graduated with Matt Newman, and Justin's cousin. After commencement my mom took me and Mike out to Alexander the Great, some of the best Greek food in houston, there was a live band and belly dancing there.

After that I spent time at the Newman's hanging around, chatting and talking about just about anything.

It was just so good seeing everyone and having such fun and playful gatherings with lots of my really close friends.

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  1. It would be great to attend your gaduation. (or at least see pictures of you guys). You guys must look bright and sharp, IMO.



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