Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Hate Having Sand in My...

This poem is an original composition by me. Haven't done that in a while.

I Hate Having Sand in My...

I hate having sand in my hair,
The grains cling,
They beg for me to scratch them from my scalp,
And they fall from the air as they dry,
Wet strands whipping,
Shaking my head to set them free,
But in my hair they stay

I hate having sand on my skin
It grips me with the fingers of the ocean,
My skin wet from the kisses of waves,
Sand grasps at my skin in clumps,
Begging for that sweet salty moisture,
Tiny bits attach that will never leave again!

I hate having sand between my toes,
Haphazardly hopping in great strides along the shore,
Leaping from place to place as I plant my feet wide apart,
Deep wet foot prints mark my wild and wandering path along the shore,
And the tiny dunes must love me,
Because they leave reminders in my creases,
They refuse to depart my soles

And when I throw myself to the earth,
Sending up poofs and clouds so high...
That what comes up...
Must rain down upon my back...
And when I say before how I hate to have sand,
Hate it in my hair, and on my skin, and between my toes,
Decorum prevents me from telling you how I hate where else it goes

I love the beach.

1 comment:

  1. But I simply hate it when sand is in my shoes. :D It's quite funny that I haven't walked barefoot at the beaches (in Bali and in Thailand too) for years.

    Still, I enjoy the sight, sound, feeling of relaxing surroundings, food and aquarium around it too. Well, I am planning for snorkeling vacation the end of this year.


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