Monday, June 06, 2011

"Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself."

"Last night I dreamed of things that smelled sweet. I dreamed of orchids and spices and visions of bubbles dancing. Fizz and foam floating free and dancing to unheard music. I dreamed that I could touch this beauty, and it was filled with every emotion from pain to pleasure." - Edward.

There is a beautiful power in making a stranger feel something. To form in a connection of mere minutes a bond powerful enough to evoke a connection deep enough to extract great feeling of validity, pain, pleasure, laughter, even sadness. Tears in particular, though, by themselves cover a wide range of meaning. Language is a beautiful dance, and each emotion has a number of paths to expression, and tears, for instance, can be brought about through a number of ways.

I have made a stranger cry through mean spirited language.

I have made a stranger cry from sympathy.

I have made a stranger cry tears of self healing.

I have made a stranger cry from the relief of unburdening.

I have made a stranger cry from fear.

I was going to say I'm not proud of all of those. I really shouldn't be. And.. on reflection, I'm not proud of any of them at all, pride isn't the right word. It feels like it is until examined closely. It's a path of reflection and appreciation for something that is amazing even when it is terrible as much as it is when it is beautiful. I do wish I could cure the pain I have caused with words that I have said in my moments of weakness. I believe words should be used to heal and to uplift, to inspire and promote excellence in each other.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." - Anais Nin

It's strange then that I believe strongly in burning the whole world down when everything seems like it is at its best. Burn it to the ground and start from scratch. Light it up and reduce it to blood and ashes, fertilizer for the soil for the new world that grows in its place. Maybe I don't need to resolve these internal conflicts of philosophy. Burn the world. Cry. Laugh. Fucking dance your heart out. Above all things, be good to each other.

And chase your dreams. Don't ever let go cause it's just a dream. Do not EVER let go of a dream.

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