Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very Old Things

I wrote a few original paragraphs today, they are after the video. I'd very much appreciate comments from anyone who reads this about them. Thank you for reading!

Symmetry moped about the dimly lit cellar all saturday morning. Generally feeling disinclined toward any average activity above ground, Symmetry found the level of darkness and hummidity filling the tiny space below her parents home perfectly matched everything Symmetry felt inside herself. Languid, Symmetry thought, feeling satisfaction through her vocabulary usage. Languid is exactly how I would say I'm feeling. Languid and listless. Though, listless in the way that lacks enthusiasm, not lacking energy. I feel like a great coil latched tight with no key to release my spring into its violent explosion, though quivering with all sorts of tension, leaving me with metaphor as my only tool for expressing it! Subconsciously, Symmetry understood a similar unenthusiastic tension resounded through every corner of her self imposed prison, though her melodramatic exploration of language and internally expounding the difficulty others must experience trying to understand her prevented Symmetry from feeling anything unusual.

These feelings typified the last few years since Symmetry threw her twelveth birthday party. That wild energy coiled ever more tightly inside her with every passing month, constantly winding and steadily filling Symmetry till steadying her hands became an impossible chore, causing the fall of this dark curtain over everything in her life. The cellar, however, waited impatiently with its burden since long before Symmetry had ever been born. Lurked. Symmetry might use the word lurked if her preoccupations would allow these feelings in the dark through.

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