Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes I'm ashamed when I don't care for a movie. Like Crazy Heart.. I'm trying to watch it, but it hasn't grabbed my attention at all. I barely care what's happening, and I don't even know why I don't care. Maybe it's the story itself. Nothing about it has grabbed my attention and said to me, "Hello, sir, this story is worth paying attention to." So, even though it looks good, and the actors are good, and the dialog is good.. I just.. it's like not watching anything at all. And I feel bad. I do. Because I wish I liked it more than I do.

Read Deathnote book 1 today. John got me 1-4, and I was a little surprised. I knew he knew I liked the anime, though. Great story, pretty much exactly the same as the anime. Love the suspense.

Got new speakers this week, and a new headset, and the free strings for my guitar came in the mail too. The birthday party was... it was really amazing. So many people were there that it was just a really good time. There was some Rock Band 3, some good wine, some good beer, lots of great guitar(real guitar) and singing, and the brisket turned out awesome. There was even some really good chai later on. I cooked a brisket with a really good coffee rub, and the baked beans, as always, were superb, roasted corn fresh for people who were there, and then for dessert I grilled up some rum soaked brown sugar crusted pineapple slices.

Guests of honor: George and Zac, the three of us were celebrating our birthdays. George paid for the food! Extra kudos go to him for making everything possible!

Also at the party was Sean, Jake, Justin, Stacey, Lucy, John, Jeannette, her sister in law, Shuck, Rikki, their kids, my dad, Marry Ellen, Tim, Trent, his girlfriend, Jennifer, Kayla, Kayla's... I think sister in law, and.. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. At one point all three guitars that I keep at home were being played. IT was amazing. The party ate an entire 12lbs brisket like it was nothing.

THanks to everyone who came for helping to make it a wonderful, memorable, and absolutely beautiful evening!

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