Friday, June 24, 2011

The Human Race Has One Really Effective Weapon...

...and that is laughter. - Samuel Langhorn Clemens

Watched 4 episodes of firefly tonight for the Can't Stop the Signal firefly netflix marathon party. Changed up Our Mrs Reynolds for Hearts of Gold. As it happens.. just today the new Serenity graphic novel that I ordered today, Shepherd's Tale, arrived just in time to read tonight between episodes to completely geek out on serenity.

Last night I taught 3 people to play Go, it was incredibly rewarding and all three of the games were challenging and enjoyable. I would love it if I could play all my friends all the time as much as possible. Go problems are also a wonderful way to improve:

White to play

There is a way for White to capture five black stones.
You need to read a few moves ahead to see the answer to this problem.

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