Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading

This has been an amazing summer for reading so far. I've gone through so many books and graphic novels, my head is spinning just thinking about it. I have been devouring them voraciously. Thought I'd put together a quick list of what I've been reading if I can remember them all. I may leave some out on accident, and these will be in no particular order.

Maps in a Mirror collection of books by Orson Scott Card
Deathnote Manga 1-4(so far)
Sookie Stackhouse anthology of books that True Blood is based on. I've read books 1-10, and today I finished the short stories.
Kiss Me, Stranger: An Illustrated Novel(I highly recommend this short novella)
Re Reading the Hellboy Library Collection
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the graphic novels
The Science Fiction Megapack on my Kindle

I have a lot of fiction to talk about to whoever wont miss their ears, on top of a lot of other media that I am absorbing. Plus.. I've been studying my Go game, and doing some teaching. Will blog more about that some other time. Now for something completely different:

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