Monday, July 30, 2012

Once You Have Learned to Play Music

I found this great rock version of Bach's Minuet in G Major on youtube.

There is a peerless sense of wonder at exploring and instrument, even after years of working your fingers delicately across its notes. The endless expression that it is capable of ought to inspire anyone with absolute wonder. So much so that I cannot imagine anyone losing that sense of amazement even after a lifetime. It's the way I believe people ought to feel about language, and probably would if it didn't spill meaninglessly out of their mouths every single day without an appreciation of exactly what it is capable of.

Archimedes' lever was language, and music is only an entirely new list of words. No greater tool has ever been used on the earth than language, and all other accomplishments were only achieved through its use.

Every single note is important, and beautiful.

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