Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Things Need to be Censored

I'm typing this up while I have a very tiny dog sleeping on my lap. It's extremely cozy.

Last weekend I went up to Dallas to visit my grandparents, and while I was there I saw my aunt Karen, and my uncle Greg, his wife, and my sister Teruwah. It was a really good weekend, and it was all too short before heading back home. While we were stopped in a small town and I decided to try a small bbq restaurant that I'd never tried before, Dickey's. I really want to ultimately try all the bbq that I can't get in Houston on my road trips between Dallas and San Antonio. Just so happens, though, that when we got back and went for dinner at Outback Steakhouse, the old restaurant that's been closed nextdoor to them for a long while is being turned into a... Dickey's. I thought that was amusing.

So, I beat Torchlight last night, and I've been putting in the hours to really make mincemeat out of all of Dungeon Defenders with my friend Jason. Other than that, I've really been excitedly playing Gemini Rue, which is an incredibly excellent point and click adventure game that even has mid 90's grade graphics.

If you have not seen this last thing... it is a must.

And The Moon And The Stars And The World.

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