Monday, September 08, 2003

As none of you know because I havent said a word, my project was falsely represented in the image I have been representing it with. The full and complete project is actually rater dull and my current wallpaper came from a good amount of goofing off when I got bored and yet was impressive enough in a still to warant a followup project being requested. It was a great deal more fun to do I'll admit but I loved working on both of them and it only took a week. Which if you knew how much I really worked on it you would tell me was of course too long, unless you are familiar with my history as a procrastinator. Im lucky I didnt take four weeks. All the while I was working Joe sat behind me working away on his own project tutorials, moving ever towards real character design and animation. Stuff I am no where near, if you look carefully at my projects the simplistic nature of the models will be obviously apparent. I've got writting I want to do now, adieu.

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